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ri Lanka: the pearl of the orient, which lies in the broad bosom of the Indian Ocean like a bright spring leaf, once called the Island of Romance, the mere name of which calls up memories of pearls and palms, elephants, cinnamon, rubies and aromas.

In the Eireks Saga, an Icelandic narrative of the 14th century, we have the adventures of a Norwegian, who vowed that he would find the Deathless Land of which mention was made in his mythology. He made his way to India and journeyed for long through a dense forest, at the other end of which he came out upon a narrow piece of water which separated the mainland from Paradise; where else could that be?

It is known throughout the world; and there is no other country that has, at different periods, and by different races, been known by so many different names. Its names are indeed a legion. To the Indians it was Lanka or Tamba Panni; the Persians called it Serendib or Selendib; the Shinghalese get their name from Shinghalia, meaning 'Country of Lions'; Marco Polo called it Seilanlas; Ptolemy referred to it as Salike; mediaeval geographers put it down as Tragana, Trante or Caphane. Perhaps the most familiar old name for Sri Lanka is Taprobane, a corruption of the ancient Indian name Tamba Panni, which means copper water.

The beauty and the prospects of Ceylon inspired many to write wonderful and very knowledgeable accounts of the island. From the Buddhist chronicles of Ceylon to the accounts of various travelers down the ages, AES has published a number of accounts under its imprint. These include descriptions by British officers, detailed architectural studies of the ancient ruins, history of its coinage, historical accounts by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British historians and a host of other aspects about the island. We invite you to partake in the many splendors of this island through the power of the written word.

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