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1.Anthropology & Ethnology 2.Archaeology & Antiquities
3.Art, Architechture 4.Astrology & Astronomy
5.Biographies 6.Buddha & Buddhism
7.Castes & Tribes 8.Children Literature
9.Christianity, Christian Missions & Mission Life 10.Epigraphy, Paleography & Inscriptions
11.Folklore 12.Gazetteers & Manuals
13.Guidebooks 14.Hinduism
15.Historical Fiction 16.History
17.Indian Medicine, Yoga & Hindu Mathematics 18.Indian Mutiny (1857)
19.Inscriptions 20.Islam
21.Language & Literature 22.Music, Dance & Drama
23.Mythology 24.Natural History & Flora
25.Numismatics 26.Parsees
27.People & Lifestyle 28.Philosophy
29.Pictorials 30.Proverbs
31.Religion 32.Sikhism
33.Social Life, Customs, Manners & Religious Ceremonies 34.Thuggee
35.Travels & Voyages 36.Wildlife & Sports

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