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History of the Sikhs
By J D Cunningham
ISBN: 8120609506
19cm, lii, 430p
(Reprint London 1918 edn.) 1994
Status: Out of Print

INR 895.00

[ Out of Print ]

Ranjit Singh and the Sikh Barrier Against Central Asia (Rulers of India; series)
By L H Griffin
ISBN: 8120619188
19cm, x, 229p
(Reprint Oxford 1905 edn.) 2004
Status: Available

INR 595.00

Short Sketch of the Life and Works of Guru Gobind Singh, the Tenth and Last Guru of Sikhs
By Bhagat Lakshman Singh
ISBN: 8120605764
19cm, 204p.
(Reprint Lahore 1909 edn.) 1995
Status: Available

INR 495.00

Sketch of the Sikhs
By John Malcolm
ISBN: 8120602064
22cm, 206p.
(Reprint 1812 edn.) 1986
Status: Limited Copies

INR 595.00

[ Limited Copies ]

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