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Eighteen Hundred Miles on a Burmese Tat
By G J Younghusband
ISBN: 8120610830
19cm, vii, 162p, Plates and Maps.
(Reprint London 1888 edn.) 1995
Status: Available

INR 545.00

Journal of an Embassy from the Governor General of India to the Court of Siam and Cochin China
By John Crawford
ISBN: 812061237X
29cm, viii, 598, 3 Maps, 15 Illus.
(Reprint London 1828 edn.) 2000
Status: Available

INR 2,050.00

Pilgrimage of Buddhism and a Buddhist Pilgrimage
By James Bisset Pratt
ISBN: 8120611969
22cm, 774p.
(Reprint London 1928 edn.) 1996
Status: Out of Print

INR 1,495.00

[ Out of Print ]

Suma Oriental of Tome Pires (1512-1515) - account of the east from the Red Sea to Japan - 2 Vols.
By Tome Pires
ISBN: 8120605357
22cm, Vol. I: xvi, 230p, 27 Plates and MapsVol. II: 352p, 15 Plates & Map
(Reprint London 1914 edn.) 1990, 2005
Status: Limited Copies

INR 1,745.00

[ Limited Copies ]

Travels in South Eastern Asia embracing Hindustan, Malaya, Siam and China with notices of numerous Mission Stations and a full account of Burman Empire- 2 Vols.
By Howard Malcom
ISBN: 8120618009
19 cm. Vol 1 ,xii , 324 p, Map , Vol 2 viii, 364p, gloassary
(Reprint London 1839  edn.) 2004
Status: Available

INR 1,100.00

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