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Coins and Tokens of the Possessions and Colonies of the British Empire (Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia)
By James Atkins
ISBN: 8120620313
25cm, xii, 402p, illustrations
(Reprint London 1889 edn.) 2007
Status: Available

INR 645.00

Flora of Mauritius and the Seychelles
By J G Baker
ISBN: 8120614275
22cm, xx, 608p
(Reprint London 1887 edn.) 1999
Status: Available

INR 1,495.00

History of Mauritius: The Isles of France and the Neighbouring Islands
By Baron Grant
ISBN: 8120609891
25cm, 598p, 3 Maps.
(Reprint London 1801 edn.) 1995
Status: Out of Print

INR 2,050.00

[ Out of Print ]

Mauritius (Illustrated)
By A Macmillan
ISBN: 8120615085
29cm, 456p, 1 Map
(Reprint London edn.) 2000, 2010
Status: Available

INR 4,200.00

Rough Notes of a Trip to Reunion Mauritius and Ceylon in the year 1851
By F J Mouat
ISBN: 8120602218
25cm, 1468p, Map.
(Reprint 1852 edn.) 1984, 1997
Status: Available

INR 600.00

Voyage to the Isle of France, the Isle of Bourbon and the Cape of Good Hope (1768-1771)
By J H B Saint De Pierre
ISBN: 8120614348
19cm, xxiv, 334p
(Reprint London 1800 edn.) 2000
Status: Available

INR 895.00

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