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ollaborations with overseas clients have been important steps for our operations. We have been commissioned by publishers and institutions to make limited and premium editions of books, or manuscripts, provided by them. Some of our foreign clients include Les Indes Savants and Mission Estrangers de Paris in France; Selous books in the UK, and Hippocrene books in the US.

Keeping alive the tradition of binding books by hand, we take care to make a book seems to have been in place in the 19th century. Leather and PVC coated paper are utilised for the bindings. Printing is done on modern machines and we process the book using the latest technology. India as a publishing hub is still under utilised: with a population of over a billion, this country has the potential to be one of the biggest markets. To nurture this ideal, the publishing options for a foreign client are extensive: there is nothing that cannot be done.

Hard bound, gold embossed and gilded, rare and delightful, our product attracts very positive feed-back. We were recently awarded the federation of Indian Publishers award for continued excellence in publishing.

Out sourcing your publishing requirements would be an economical option. The words that describe us best are: punctual and honest. For our publishing options please get in touch with:

Gautam Jetley:
(t) +91-11-26568594 / 26560187
(f) +91-11-26494946 / 26855499
(m) +91-9350232764
(e) gautam@aes.ind.in
W. J. Surresh:
+91-44-28131391 / 28133040 (t)
+91-44-28131391 (f)
+91-9382293487 (m)
asianeds@md3.vsnl.net.in (e)

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