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The Revolt of 1857 - 1858

t all started one hot Sunday evening of May 1857. This year: 1857, is of special importance to India: it was then that it all started: India's first step towards freedom. It is often debated whether the Revolt was justified: what could have prevented it: why did the Indians lose? There, though, is a fact that cannot be disputed: that the British got what they deserved, and, the Indians: they shamed Mother India. As the year 2007 approaches, there is an increased inquiry this: one of the most bloody and mysterious chapters of India's history. The 150th anniversary of this event is being very eagerly awaited.

The titles we have on this subject are:

  1. Records of the Intelligence department of the Government of the North West Provinces of India during the Mutiny of 1857; in 2 volumes. by Muir William. First published Edinburgh, 1902.

  2. The Indian War of Independence 1857; By Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.First published in Newyork, 1909.

  3. The Indian Mutiny of 1857. By G.B. Malleson. First published in 1894.

  4. Forty One Years in India. By Field Marshall Fredrick Roberts; one time Commander-in-Chief of the army in India, and active participant to the opposition of the Revolt. First published in 1901.

  5. Reminiscences of the Great Mutiny. By W. Mitchell-Forbes. Another participant to the Revolt. First published in 1910.

  6. A Lady's Diary of the Siege of Lucknow. By Mrs. James P Harris. A first hand account of the defining episode of the Revolt. First published in 1858.

  7. Cawnpore (Kanpur). By G. O. Trevelyan. A volatile nest during the Revolt. First published in 1865.

  8. Life and Work in Benares and Kumaon. By James Kennedy. An English missionary's account of the Revolt. First published in 1884.

  9. Delhi: Past and Present. By H. C. Fanshawe. A city that bore the brunt of Villainy. First published in 1902.

  10. The Garden of India or Chapters on Oudh History and Affairs. By H. C. Irwine. Analysis of the core issue, and history of the main province, in the affair of 1857.First published in 1880.

  11. Journey Through the Kingdom of Oudh - (1849-50) - 2 Vols. By Sleeman, William H. First published in 1858.

  12. Historic Lucknow. By Sidney Hay. A short tour of the various sites associated with the Revolt. First Published 1939.

  13. A History of the Indian Mutiny; in 3 volumes. Compiled and edited by George W. Forrest: Keeper of the Imperial Record Department (Now the National Archives of India) in the early 20th century. First published between 1904 and 1910.

  14. The Indian Mutiny 1857-1858: Selection from the Letter Despatches and other State Papers; in 4 volumes. Compiled and edited by George W. Forrest. It includes depositions and court proceedings of the trials after the mutiny was suppressed. First published in 1902.

  15. The Court Martial of Mangal Pandey Sepoy No. 1446, 5th company, 34 Regiment, Native Infantry. The complete transcription of the Court Martial held on 6th April, 1857 (Excerpt from Selections from State Papers preserved in The Military Department - 1857-58 - Vol. I)First Published 1893.

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